Artificer, n.

1. A skillful or artistic worker; craftsman. 2. one who is skillful in devising ways of making things; an inventor... (From the American College Dictionary, 1969)

About Squid's Fab Shop

Squid's Fab Shop was established by necessity in the early 80's after the purchase of a 67 Plymouth Belvedere with corrosion issues. The moniker was coined by my buddies who marveled at my tenacity at fabricating body panels with a bare minimum of tools; I made all my panels with wood forms, a vise, tin snips, and a couple pair o' pliers.  I'll try to dig up some old pics.

At that locale, we also did quite a few motor swaps in my parents tiny garage on a monte carlo or two, Camaros, Mustangs, MG's.  We were on Main St.  so everyone always knew what we were up to.

The Web Presence

I started out with a webpage on featuring my CJ Jeeps in 1999. I had just completed a very low budget CJ-7 rebuild and I thought it would be cool to get a page up on the web.

In the years since then, I have steadily improved the site with more content and an attempt to make the site more user friendly and contemporary as far as design. For those who care, most of these pages were made with a free WYSIWYG page builder called Kompozer. While it is helpful in generating webpages, you do have to learn a ton about html.

My latest efforts have been with Microsoft Expression Web 4.0. Also free, it's much better but more complex. If you have any suggestions or see problems with the pages, please let me know.

So, while these pages are mostly for "hobby" purposes, I hope that the content can be helpful to fellow automotive enthusiasts with their projects. And of course most gearheads I know dabble in other pursuits. So here also are some other exploits pertaining to electronics, photography, field recording, etc.


If you have ANY comments or questions, please drop me an email.

Squid in the  Dodge Dart Swinger


spaces for the IE4 users


Willys Jeep CJ3A Forum

There exists a nice set of webpages for CJ3A's. It's got a forum too that caters to both '3A's and  CJ3B's. It's a great resource, and frequented by very knowledgible folks.

1967 GTO Original Owner

These two videos feature an original owner GTO. This car was featured in Hemmings Muscle Cars magazine a couple years ago. Part 2 has inside and outside shots of the owner driving the car. Very nicely done.

Blues Maker

"Mississippi" Fred McDowell. One of the great Bluesman. This is a documentary made in 1969.


Pinstriping the ol' fashioned way. Pretty nice.

MGB Racecar

I've always liked MG's. Watch this MGB lift it's inside tire a few inches off the tarmac when going "'round the bend". Awesome.

Pepsi Throwback

Pepsi Throwback with Sugar!

Pepsi has put out a "limited edition Throwback" version of Pepsi with REAL sugar, instead of high fructose corn syrup which has been used since the 80's. Holy cow there IS a difference; it's WAY better. Find some quick!

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